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We make loudspeakers. In Skanderborg, Denmark. Where we’ve done it for more than 40 years. From our beginning, we’ve had a simple goal: to reproduce the music as faithfully as possible. 

“Now, wait a minute. What does that mean?” 

It means our speakers don’t add or subtract anything to or from the music; you are hearing what the artist intended for you to hear – the artist’s vision. We’ve, possibly, even helped your favourite artist mix and master your favourite song. To artists, producers, and engineers, faithful reproduction is crucial. Since 1989, we've built professional monitors for artists all around the world - and still do to this day.

You can also find us in cars. In 1994, Swedish Volvo came knocking on our door. Together we started to build some of the world’s first high-end audio systems for cars. Today, you’ll find us exclusively in Volkswagen cars where we design, tune, and obsess about getting everything right through advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

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