Our History

In 1984 a group of like-minded hi-fi retailers founded an organisation called BADA, the British Audio Dealers Association, to act as the trade association for the hi-fi retailers in the UK.

It’s stated aims were:

  • to help maintain high standards within the UK hi-fi industry.
  • to improve the channels of communication within the industry.
  • to establish, then apply, a professional code of practice in relation to hi-fi retailing, to improve overall service levels and technical competence for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

During its time in operation BADA undertook several campaigns to highlight the benefits of buying quality hi-fi from quality retailers. The most well-know of these being “The Real Hi-Fi Campaign”.

Membership was open to any hi-fi retailer with ‘bricks and mortar’ shop premises, demonstration facilities and trained service staff. Manufacturers and distributors were able to join BADA as ‘Associate’ members.

During the 1990s, when home cinema started to become more popular, BADA subtly changed its name to the British Audio-Visual Retailers Association, to reflect this changing market.

In 2011, following the financial crisis that began few years earlier and the dramatic effect this had on the UK hi-fi industry and consumers, it was time to modernise BADA and make it fit for the new business and retail environment. A year-long process of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of BADA, the requirements of the industry today and how a trade body could best serve its members was undertaken. This process, called ‘Project Grass’, culminated in the creation of Clarity.

A couple of major changes were made to the membership types. Gone was the need for a high street shop, in recognition of the emerging online and home working business models that some retailers were adopting. And manufacturers, distributors and any other members of the industry could join as full members, no longer classed as ‘Associates’. This fundamental shift in membership, to just one category with equal say and voting rights reflected the need for the industry to work together with one voice to secure its future.

Today Clarity continues to work for the interests of the entire UK hi-fi and home cinema industry, with a forward-looking agenda that keeps it relevant for the ever-evolving business environment.

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