Trusted Member Scheme

Trusted Member Scheme

The Clarity Trusted Member scheme is designed to give you confidence that the business you are working with meets (and often exceeds) a set of standards that have been created by Clarity, the hi-fi industry trade association.

Members of Clarity are the best of the best when it comes to hi-fi retail, manufacture and distribution. They are all passionate about what they do, which, put simply, is sharing their expertise and impartial advice with you, to provide the very best home entertainment solutions that satisfy your requirements.

Look out for the Trusted Member scheme tick mark in the hi-fi shop window, on the website and social media of your local shop or the manufacturer whose products you are interested in. Companies that display the mark conform to the following service criteria:


Technical understanding

  • Salespeople are fully conversant with audio products and the technology – both historically and the latest developments.
  • They attend manufacturer and industry training regularly – certificates where applicable.
  • They are able to fluently demonstrate multiple products within a wide variety of domestic and commercial situations.


Conduct & service

  • Where members and their employees engage in forums and industry networking events they conduct themselves in a professional and proper manner.
  • Salespeople do not prejudice customers in any way whatsoever.
  • They will not make assumptions of the customer.
  • Instead they will always seek information in order to understand their customers’ needs.
  • Salespeople will suggest and demonstrate a hi-fi set up based on their full understanding of their customers’ needs combined with their knowledge of how the product/ technology will perform within the customer’s listening environment.


  • The retailer/ supplier will provide excellent communication with the customer regarding their purchase, forward order, return, repair etc. and any associated service or product.
  • All communications should be carried out in a professional manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • All members will treat their own suppliers, employees and their customers fairly and ethically.
  • Members will provide a clean and safe environment that is welcoming and inviting to all.
  • We encourage our members to reduce their carbon footprint and actively engage in sustainable practices.


Follow the link to Join Clarity or click Contact Us for more information, we look forward to working with you.