Join Blink through Clarity and save £1000's on your credit card charges

We’ve teamed up with the leading credit card services supplier Blink to make their exceptionally low rates available to Clarity members.

Blink provides all the traditional credit card services, such as hand held terminals, but is also bang up to date in terms of online Virtual Terminals, Paylinks, Direct Debits, Integration and Tracking information.

To join Clarity follow this link and to login go to the top of the page and follow the members login.

Testimonials from Clarity Members

Martins Hi-Fi

“I was not looking to change my credit card terminal provider, but I saw that Clarity was recommending Blink as a supplier with preferable rates.  Preferable was a bit of an understatement.  I will save, if business stays the same as this last year, in the region of £3000. And with buying myself out of my old contract have still saved in the region of £2000  – well worth the change.
“But what is even more interesting is the back office virtual terminal.  You can send payment requests to customers, see your transactions at a glance, take distance payments on screen which are then automatically security checked by the Blink system and best of all we get next day payments. My Blink contact is always on hand for queries, I simply cannot praise them highly enough.
“Basically my Clarity membership is paid for the next two years in this one years savings!”

Connected Distribution

“Delighted we have made significant savings in our credit card processing charges since we moved to Blink.

"Savings have been about 15-20% on our Monthly credit card charges and money in your account next working day and we got 3 months free terminal rental when we signed up.
"I would definitely recommend you contact Blink and get your own personalised review done and get your cash flowing in the right direction……."

Soundcraft Hi-Fi

“Changing from our current supplier, who offered very good rates, to Blink has saved us a lot more than the cost of our annual Clarity subscription.
“The switch couldn’t have been any easier and smoother. The integration with our website was simple and the ability to take phone payments using the online virtual terminal means we no longer have to pay rent for the handheld device. It’s convenient, easy to use and the reporting and next day payment into your bank puts us fully in control of the business.
“Blink has transformed the way we do business using credit cards and saved us a lot of money.

To take advantage of these incredible rates and excellent service contact us by clicking below and  we will put you in touch with Blink and they’ll help you save money.

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