The Clarity Alliance is pleased to announce that world respected loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio has joined the Alliance, further enhancing the membership with another major name.

Membership of this globally recognised brand brings further international reach to the manufacturing arm of the industry’s trade association. Dynaudio’s membership, with its considerable industry experience will strengthen the Alliance. Membership was confirmed after Dynaudio’s UK representatives, Kala Lingham and Bill Livingston, attended the Clarity UK Hi-Fi Industry Annual Conference in February.

Welcoming the company to The Clarity Alliance, Tom Barron, chairman, says “It is with great pleasure that we welcome such an internationally important brand to the membership of the Alliance. As an industry, we can only prosper if we work together to support the objective of promoting quality music reproduction to a wider consumer base.” He continues, “Dynaudio is respected the world over and a brand that is recognised by hi-fi consumers, professional audio engineers and purchasers of Volkswagen cars, so its membership is a very positive step forward for the industry.”


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