Who are Footprint Digital and why do you need to work with them?

These are the two big questions the board posed when this idea was first floated. Footprint had previously worked with one of our members, and were directly responsible for a successful delivery of a new website, a clear way forward and new ideas to help customers find their products and services.

Footprint Digital is an established Digital Marketing agency with offices in Colchester and London. They are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising and Paid Social, and Conversion Rate Optimisation and can use these skills (alone or in combination) to enhance marketing and ROI within the HiFi industry.

Their proactive team will constantly be looking for ways to exceed your marketing goals, whilst simultaneously humanising and demystifying digital techniques through constant education so that you feel confident and empowered by data when making marketing decisions.

Why do we need them? 

During the pandemic our entire industry faced the need to evolve and find new ways to communicate and help existing customers. Many dealers were able to use online ecommerce platforms to sell products, use video calling or Zoom to talk with customers, helping them with performing updates or setting up equipment. 

This still doesn’t explain why Clarity has employed the services of Footprint Digital. Well, the answer to this question is so we can evolve and change our processes, allowing us to offer members new partners to work with, change what content we put out and increase the amount of information available to non-members. We have also concentrated on the membership, a quicker sign up process and evolving new ways of paying rather than one annual invoice.

The main impact and one every board member would agree is that we are focused on how Clarity can help, the old boys club has gone and we have begun to transition to a greater digital presence, making it easier to contact us, a better selection of benefits for members and starting in 2023, we will have stands at Hi-Fi shows to meet members and talk to non-members about joining.

It is an exciting time to join Clarity, and its and exciting time to be on the board of Clarity. We hope you reach out and discuss how we can help your business in going forward, and explore how Clarity can work as your partner for many more years.

Reach out to Footprint via this link

Published by JL