Ever since the introduction of LS50 Meta last year, along with its new Meta material dampening technology, KEF fans across the globe have been eager to meet its application in KEF's higher end offerings.

Finally, and after much anticipation, a new extraordinary Blade Series has emerged alongside a New Reference Series. Both have been given the Meta Treatment and both have had their internals revised.

Martins Hi-Fi are proud to introduce these newest of KEF products with a listening event from the 20th May through the following week.


KEF THX Home Cinema

Also at the event, you are invited to join us to experience our incredible home theatre featuring the latest KEF’s Extreme Home Theatre system.

Certified to THX standards, and Dolby Atmos the formidable KEF loudspeakers have jaw-dropping sound quality, delivering all the drama and emotional intensity of true cinema theatre. Added to this, it provides a truly magical and immersive musical theatre experience.

The loudspeakers have the jaw-dropping acoustic capabilities found in the traditional KEF free standing models, with all the drama and emotional intensity of full theatre sound quality.


Please call them to book an individual time slot to hear these amazing new loudspeakers and enjoy the amazing home cinema system . 

Call 01603 627010 or email info@martinshifi.co.uk