The 2019 conference takes place on Wednesday 27th March in the fantastic surroundings of Dolby’s European HQ screening room, Soho Square, London.

The Clarity Conference is the UK hi-fi industry’s only annual conference and is packed full of informative, useful and entertaining presentations from the visiting speakers.

Learn from these guest speakers:


We are delighted to welcome back Laurence Harrison, Technology and Market Development Director - Digital Radio UK, the body that works with Government, broadcasters, manufacturers, retailers, and a wide range of stakeholders to secure UK radio’s digital future.

Six years ago, Laurence told us of the plans for the roll out of digital radio and at this year’s conference he will bring us bang up to date with the latest news on the rollout and switchover plans.


We are also pleased to welcome back Nick Simonand the team from GfK. This annual event provides the industry with the hard facts of what’s selling, what’s not and the trends to look out for. Always a high point of the conference, Nick’s presentation is sure to be full of crucial data that will help with your business planning.


At last year’s conference we announced plans for a new Clarity sales training course. We teamed up with the industry’s leading training providers, T21, to create the new course, which is designed specifically for the hi-fi retail sector. Paul Laville, managing director of T21, will be introducing the new course to the conference. This is one not to miss – we ran the pilot course a few weeks ago and it is going to be a hugely useful course for all retail sales staff, from beginners to 30 year veterans!


According to the BPI, during 2018 “The growth in buying and listening to music was driven by audio streaming, which leaped by 51.5% to just over 68m albums.” There are many ways to stream music, but one that is capturing the attention of the hi-fi industry is Roon, the brand agnostic platform that provides an excellent user experience and is being adopted by many manufacturers. We are very pleased to welcome Enno Vandermeer, founder and CEO to tell us about the latest developments from Roonlabs.

All the way from France, specially for the UK Hi-Fi Industry Conference, we are delighted to announce that Benoit Rebus, Head of Global Innovative Partnerships at Qobuzwill be presenting at the conference.

Benoit will focus on the trends in the music industry and how they have changed in recent years, as CD sales have declined, music streaming (both free and paid for) has grown, and what the challenges are both now and for the future.


Space is strictly limited, so you must book if you would like to attend.

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