If you’re looking for a taster of what's on offer at this year's show, here’s a roundup of the bits we’re most existed for.

This weekend (May 19th - May 22nd 2022), after two years away, the Munich High End show is back. Great news for all us Hi-Fi and home cinema industry folk. A large-scale event, packed with in-person demonstrations showcasing the BEST in European Hi-Fi manufacture. Be sure to expect product announcements and fully-fledged demos taking place. 

In just days, May, worldwide trade, press and visitors gather to goggle at the latest and greatest in luxury audio kit. The first two days are solely reserved for trade visitors, with the weekend days opening up to the general public.


Welcoming 500 companies from around 40 countries

The show will welcome around 500 companies from around 40 countries, meaning that the 2022 event will be on the same scale as the last Munich High End show in 2019. If you’re looking for the full list of exhibitors take a look at What Hi-Fi’s event roundup

Lots of familiar names will be in attendance at the event, including: 

  • Arcam
  • Burmester
  • Chord Electronics

And plenty more. All coming with their best products in tow, be ready for kit showcases and demonstrations a-plenty. 


Looking for tickets to the High End Munich Show? 

Although we can’t guarantee tickets will still be available for the event, if you’re looking to reserve your ticket for the show, you can by visiting the High End Munich show website.